Orthodontic Treatment with Braces for Adults

Clear Braces, Invisible Braces and other Orthodontic Options for Adults

These days, it is increasingly common to find adults investigating orthodontic treatment options; in fact, many orthodontists report that nearly half of the patients considering braces are adults in search of the perfect smile they have always dreamed about.

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Dental technology has evolved considerably in the past two decades with Invisalign, clear aligners and other invisible braces and less visible orthodontic options becoming more prevalent. These newer options are more convenient and aesthetically pleasing when compared the full-metal appearance so common with metal braces, making orthodontic treatment with braces a great choice even for adults concerned about the impact on their appearance. Here are few things to keep in mind regarding orthodontic treatment with braces for adults:

Aesthetic Benefits – Perhaps one of the most important factors for any adult considering orthodontic treatment with braces relates directly to aesthetics. Some adults remember the awkward appearance of braces from their childhood and assume that if they consider treatment with braces as an adult they would be forced to have a mouth full of metal braces for an extended period of time. But, because of advances in dental technology, this is simply not the case. There are several treatment options available using invisible braces, clear aligners, Invisalign and other less visible orthodontic appliances, all of which can all help correct the position and placement of teeth in an adult mouth.

benefits of dental braces for adults in lake county ilHealth BenefitsBraces for adults also deliver measurable health benefits along with improving the appearance of your smile. When your teeth are misaligned, plaque can often build up and accumulate in areas that can be difficult or nearly impossible to clean, leading to tooth decay or periodontal disease. Additionally, a poorly aligned bite can lead to issues with chewing, which can result in problems with your GI tract. Orthodontic treatment with braces can help correct these problems in adults as well as children.

Never Too Late – People are living longer and longer, so it makes sense that adults are more interested in investing in orthodontic treatment in an effort to ensure an attractive and healthy smile. Remember, it is never too late to consider braces for adults or other corrective orthodontic treatment.

Care and Maintenance – If you select Invisalign, clear aligners or invisible braces; they may be more susceptible to discoloration if you frequently drink coffee, caffeinated beverages or smoke. Work with your dentist to make the right decision regarding which orthodontic treatment may be best for your situation and lifestyle, and pay careful attention to the information they provide regarding the care and maintenance of your new orthodontics appliances.

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