Oral Surgery and Dental Surgery

Although no one ever looks forward to a surgical procedure, sometimes it is unavoidable, and oral surgery is no exception. A variety of different conditions can necessitate dental surgery, such as tooth problems, jaw issues, accidents and misfortune. We’re going to take a broad look at the three general categories of conditions which require dental surgery and the procedures involved in fixing them:

Tooth Issues

A variety of problems with teeth may need to be corrected with oral surgery. Here are a few examples:

oral surgery illinois medicaid oral surgeonImpacted Teeth – Sometimes cuspids and bicuspids can become impacted due to gradual shifts in the structure of your mouth over time. Impacted teeth can result in swelling, pain, and infection, and cause the formation of cysts or tumors.

Wisdom Teeth – It is extremely common for one or more of your third molars – commonly known as wisdom teeth – to fail to emerge completely and safely from your gum tissue; a problem which can be quickly corrected through the oral surgery procedure known as wisdom tooth extraction.

Missing Teeth – If you are missing teeth due to the aging process or any number of other reasons, then you may wish to consider dental implants as a permanent solution.

Cracked Teeth – Sometimes a tooth can be cracked or damaged so badly that repair is not an option, and replacement through surgical means must be explored instead.

Jaw Issues

Several jaw related issues can also be corrected with oral surgery, such as:

Uneven Jaw Growth – Some individuals have issues with either the upper or lower portions of their jaw not growing properly, which can result in issues with talking, eating, breathing, or chewing. More serious examples of this condition can sometimes require oral surgery to repair.

TMJ Disorders – Temporomandibular joint disorders are frequently the source of headache or jaw pain for many people, and sometimes dental surgery is necessary to address a specific issue with the joint.

Denture Issues – Over time, bone which supports dentures can deteriorate, leading to a poor fit. In severe cases, bone grafts may be necessary to augment areas where little natural bone remains.

Other Issues

Dental surgery isn’t just for teeth and jaw issues. It can also help patients who need assistance with:

Cleft Palates – When the mouth and nasal cavity do not properly fuse during fetal development, the result is a cleft palate, which can be corrected through a series of surgical procedures.

Sleep Apnea or Excessive Snoring – For truly severe cases of snoring and sleep apnea, surgical procedures which trim tissue from the oropharynx can sometimes provide relief.

Facial Infections or Lesions – Fractured jaws, broken facial bones, and infections which have localized themselves in facial tissue all can be treated effectively with oral surgery.

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